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Imaging Built Around You

Patient-Friendly MRI

Your comfort is our top priority, especially when it comes to MRI. That’s why we at OID use Oval ™ - an MR system literally designed around the human body. This 1.5T high-field MR system boasts the following comfort features:

  • 74 cm ultra-wide, oval-shaped bore – the widest MR system on the market
  • 63 cm ultra-wide patient table for comfortable, easy positioning
  • Feet first imaging to maximize comfort
  • Fast scans and motion compensation to minimize study time
  • Table lowers to 51 cm. for easy patient access

OID Imaging: One bill, One Low Cost!

Self-Payment Fee Comparison

*Private Insurance Contracted Vary

The OID Imaging prices listed above include the scanning fee as well as the fee charged by the radiologist who reads your study. OID Imaging provides self-pay patients an additional 10% discount if paid in full at time of service.

In addition to your MRI fee, Hospital Based Imaging Facilities also charge for the radiology group who reads your study.

What to expect during an MRI

Before the Exam

No special preparation is required prior to the MRI exam. Prior to entering the scan room, you will be asked to leave items not compatible with a magnetic field in a safe place outside the scan room. You may also be asked to wear a hospital gown to avoid magnetic interference from belt buckles and zippers.

During the Exam

Lay down on the table and the technologist will position you. He/she will keep in close contact with you via intercom and observe you in an outside room. While the scanner is operating, you will experience normal humming and thumping sound form the scanner. The majority of MIR scans take 30-45 minutes.

After the Exam

Once the examination is over, the pictures taken by the MRI scanner will be interpreted by a board-certified radiologist, and the results sent to your doctor who ordered the MRI.


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